Full Stack Developer

The successful organisation Ease2Pay is looking for an IT enthusiast who will join forces and work towards a faster, card and cash free parking future, all over Europe!

Ease2pay is the innovation of the present and future in terms of self-services around transportation. The parking app Ease2pay ensures that users can easily and quickly reserve and pay for a parking space. In this way they facilitate the energy transition for cars, recreational transport and freight transport: the era of ATMs, cards and coins is over. Ease2pay is growing rapidly and works for leading clients and governments throughout Europe: from Spitsbergen to Sevilla. Now, the team is looking for additional strength to help them grow even more.

About the position
As a Full Stack Developer, you will build new features and implement new functionalities, since we continuously improve our software. You write clean, readable and well-tested code in NodeJS and Java. You will carry out front -and back end work. In short, you will divide your time between designing, developing, testing, reviewing and bug solving.

Full Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer
32 till 40 hours – Rotterdam (remote possible)

What is Ease2Pay looking for?
Ideally, you are an experienced programmer who has experience with EV charging. You have knowledge of best practises. Of course, you have a strong passion for innovation and cannot wait to contribute to the growth of Ease2Pay. Furthermore:

  • You are in possession of a Bachelor or Master’s degree
  • You have completed relevant soft and hard skills training

What does Ease2Pay offer?

  • The possibility to work (partially) remote; but also the opportunity to work in the vibrant, entrepreneurial community, located on the campus of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam
  • Excellent remuneration package tailored to your needs


How does Ease2Pay say it?

“Working at Ease2Pay is working in a growing environment that contributes to your personal growth too. The company is led by an experienced and entrepreneurial team, which has successfully brought self-service innovations to the market in the past (e.g. Greenwheels). Becoming part of a fast-growing ‘stock market diamond’ in the energy transition is a unique opportunity. Are you someone with a sharp vision of the future and the ambition to really make an impression? Then this is the company for you!”

More information?

Or any specific questions? Contact Gillian van Jaaren of BAPAS at 020-7162464 or gillian.vanjaaren@bapas.nl