How do you settle payments in your recreation area?


When your business is growing, the costs are also growing. To stay focused on your core business, let Ease2pay take care of the payments, as we do for Camperplaats Nederland and many others.

Think about your target group

Cloud connected payment machines from are used at the camper pitches in Maastricht and Landgraaf. Guests can activate and pay for electricity and accommodation themselves via two payment systems. Owner Hans Stelwagen explains that he offers the app and the option of payment terminals to his guests. “You have to think about your target group. Not everybody is comfortable using an app for payment. That is why I also have the payment terminal in addition to the app. My advice is therefore to grow with your target group towards new payment options. Ideally, a successful hybrid system combining app and a display structure of the payment terminal. This is already new for part of my target group. When guests are satisfied with this, the step to an app only service will be easier. For now I offer two systems, allowing me to serve the current market and the future market.”

The app for the recreation market

“It is certainly important not to underestimate the app. This will offer a lot more in the future than it can already offer now. After all, we will be moving towards more and more digital payments. That is why I am so enthusiastic about the collaboration with Together we can ensure that this can be implemented even better in the recreation market. The great thing is that the employees of can activate services remotely. When customers call to say that power is not working, they can assist them. I can also see this as an administrator. Ideal!”

Want to know more?

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