Involtum and Ease2pay Join Forces



Involtum and Ease2pay have announced their intention to merge Involtum into Ease2pay, a stock exchange fund listed on the Dutch Euronext. An agreement was signed at the end of November.

Services unchanged

The management of Involtum is very enthusiastic about this next step. All parts of Involtum will become part of Ease2pay. Employees and management remain the same and our services to you as customer will be unchanged. We are going to expand considerably in the coming years. Involtum/Ease2pay will continue to focus on the growth of its sustainable payment services such as, Walstroom, Marktstroom, and NomadPower and, in addition, new services will be introduced such as on and off street parking where Ease2pay is active. It goes without saying that Involtum’s customers can continue to use all our services and will benefit from the expanded range of future services offered.

New year, new ambition

In 2022, the newly formed company will focus on domestic growth as well as abroad. Our mobile payment services, successfully operating in The Netherlands, are also meeting a need abroad. For example, we are already active within Europe from Spitsbergen to Seville. But we will not forget about our roots as The Netherlands remains our core market. More and more municipalities are embracing our services and we are growing our labels, Walstroom, Marktstroom and NomadPower into Pan-European networks.

Maarten Hektor, co-founder of Involtum: “Ease2pay is very complementary to Involtum. Ease2pay adds a complete reservation service to our portfolio of services for passenger cars. In addition, Ease2pay is a specialist in payment services. This makes mobile self-service easier and more reliable. We are very pleased that two sustainable Rotterdam companies are able to join forces to accelerate the energy transition from cars to trucks and from yachts to seagoing vessels.”

About Ease2pay N.V.

Ease2pay is an innovative payment service provider seeking to make electronic payments cheaper for both consumers and retailers. Ease2pay’s proprietary mobile payment and loyalty platform turns every smartphone into a secure pin terminal via an app that allows consumers to order, pay and save using their smartphones, eliminating the need for point-of-sale equipment.

Ease2pay is listed on Euronext in Amsterdam, under symbol EAS2P. Read more on


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