Self service for travel, recreation and freight transportation

For merchants

Ease2pay creates self-service solutions for the travel, leisure and freight transport industries. We ensure that customers can book, activate and pay for your services independently. All in one convenient app.





Various sectors

We enable operators of gas stations, parking facilities, truck and camper parks, markets and ports to turn their locations into self-service points.

The benefits of self service

Cost saving

Save on staffing costs and POS terminals.


Customers activate and pay for services with the app, ideal for locations with limited supervision.

Clear administration

All bookings, payments and statistics in a convenient digital overview.

Time saving

The app takes some of your administration off your hands, leaving you time for other work.



Marinas and Campervan sites

Are you the manager of a marina or campervan site and want to keep your location running 24/7? The Ease2pay AanUit app allows users to activate and pay for their own mooring, electricity and water.


Are you a market manager or policy maker and want to stop using diesel generators? With the Ease2pay Markstroom app, users easily activate electricity.

Inland shipping and Seaports

Are you a policy officer or port manager and want to reduce particulate emissions? With the Ease2pay Walstroom app, boaters arrange power and water through the app.

Freight Transport

Are you a car park or truck stop manager looking to future-proof for electric trucks? With the Ease2pay NomadPower app, truck drivers activate electricity to cool and charge their trucks.
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Parking Facilities

Are you a parking facility manager looking to increase occupancy and use convenient reservation software? Book & Park can be easily integrated into your application or website.

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