Sustainable power for your ship. Power and water access points throughout Europe.

More than 6,000 ocean and inland shippers use Ease2pay's Walstroom services every day. With a user-friendly app, you easily activate and pay for power, water and your berth. Ports buy the power green, making polluting diesel generators unnecessary. Better for the environment and for the skippers!

Ease2pay Walstroom is available 24 hours a day, year-round.

Ease2pay Walstroom is specially developed for inland skippers. Throughout Europe you can activate and pay for power, water and your berth with our handy app.

Smart meters accurately track consumption. You can find these statistics in the app. Based on this data, you receive a monthly bill. So you only pay for what you have consumed.

Download the app for Android or Apple iOS

Always nearby

Ease2pay Walstroom is available at several ports in Europe. Turn on your location in the app and find the nearest Ease2pay Walkstroom access point.

Download the app for Android or Apple iOS

The benefits of Walstroom

Activate power, water and mooring for your ship at the touch of a button

Green electricity instead of a diesel generator, so fewer emissions and noise pollution
Pay online, no more hassle with coins and cards
Monitor your water and power usage in the app and pay only what you consume
Receive your invoices in the mail and via the app

Experience the convenience of Ease2pay Walstroom in your harbor

Install Walstroom within 1 minute

Download de app en gebruik je mobiel om snel en betrouwbaar stroom, water en een ligplaats voor jouw schip te activeren en betalen. 

Scan the QR code and download the app and use your mobile to quickly and reliably activate and pay for power, water and a berth for your boat. 

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