Rabobank parking

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With Ease2pay in the Rabo App, you pay for parking swiftly and easyily


Rabobank parking

Easily park and pay in 140 cities. In the Rabo App you pay only €0.19 transaction fee.


Functionalities in the app

View your parking history and easily set license plates and parking reminders.

Most frequently asked questions

All you need is a smartphone, the Rabo App and a Rabobank account. To register, you will need the Rabo Scanner once.

You can download the Rabo App on any smartphone.

Ease2pay is the service provider that allows you to pay for your parking session in the Rabo App.

Via https://parking-rabowallet.myorder.nl/stopParking/ you can stop a parking session.

Enter your license plate number and the zone code (optional). You will find the parkingzone code on the pay machines or in the reservation in the Rabo App or via internet banking.

Check your details and then press "Stop this parking session." You will receive an e-mail containing a link to stop the parking session permanently.

It may take some time before the end of the parking session is visible in the app. 

No, with the Rabo App you can only pay for street parking.

This is only possible if the charging station allows contactless payment.

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