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Discover the convenience of self-service. Reserve, activate and pay for your electricity, water and overnight stays at different locations. All at the touch of a button. Use our apps at parking facilities, camper parks, gas stations, ports, markets and events. Long queues, tokens and passes are a thing of the past.

Apps & Services

Ease2pay On the GO

Easy parking and refuelling with one app. No queues, no tokens, no hassle.


Ease2pay AanUit

Activate and pay for electricity, water and overnight stays for your boat or camper. The app is available at over 100 locations in the Netherlands.

Ease2pay NomadPower

Use electricity to cool and load your truck at various locations across Europe. Say goodbye to the annoying noise of a diesel generator and harmful particulates.

Ease2pay Walstroom

Arrange shore power for your vessel. More than 6,000 barge owners already use our app. Take advantage of electricity and water connection points throughout Europe.

Ease2pay Marktstroom

Do you have a market stand, or are you organizing an event? With our app, you can easily arrange electricity and water.



Ease2pay Book & Park

Reserve a parking space with Book & Park. Avoid endless searching and driving around the city.
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Prettig Parkeren

View and compare parking rates throughout the Netherlands. This way you never pay too much.