How it works

How charging your truck works with NomadPower

This is how Ease2pay's NomadPower works

Step 1:
Sign up

Are you using Ease2pay NomadPower for the first time? Then create an account on the website or in the app. After this, you can use all Ease2pay NomadPower locations at home and abroad.

At an Ease2pay NomadPower access point, you activate power for your truck. The steps below explain how to switch a facility on and off, and how to make a payment.

Step 2:
Activate power

In the app or on the website, select the location where you are. It works as follows:

On the site, see which five-digit code belongs to your facility and then select it in the app to activate.

Do you want to use electricity? You can see that you have switched on the power when the blue LED ring lights up (if present).

If no more electricity consumption is registered after a period of time, the facilities turn off automatically. Check this to be sure when you leave the site.

Step 3:
Turn off power

In the app and on the website, you can view your ongoing transactions.

Do you want to stop the facilities? Then click on the stop symbol.

Note: you have to stop all the facilities you use separately.
Did you use electricity? Removing only the power cable does not end the power supply.

Step 4:

You will receive a monthly invoice. Haven't been using NomadPower for a whole month? Then you won't get an invoice either.

When registering your account, you can choose between two payment options:

  1. Direct debit: an amount will be automatically debited from your bank account each month. You will receive an e-mail containing the invoice.
  2. Manual payment: you will receive an e-mail each month informing you that the invoice is available in the app and in the portal on the website. You make the payment via iDeal, Sofort, Mr Cash or Credit Card (MasterCard or VISA).

Do you want to change your payment method? Log in with your details in the app or on our website and adjust the payment details under 'Settings'.

More information about NomadPower can be found at the frequently asked questions.


Only pay for actual power consumption

No monthly fee and maximum flexibility.
Activate power via app, website or by phone.
Payment monthly in retrospect by invoice, after one-time registration.

Install NomadPower within 1 minute

Download the app and use your mobile to quickly and easily activate power for your truck and checkout directly.

Scan the QR code and download the app. Use your mobile to quickly and easily activate power for your truck

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