How it works

How does activating power, water and residence with AanUit work

How AanUit works

Step 1:
Sign up

Using AanUit for the first time? Then create an account on the website or in the app. After this, you can use all AanUit.net access points in Europe. These can be recognized by the logo below.


At an AanUit.net point, you activate your stay, electricity and water. The steps below explain how to turn a facility on and off, and how to make a payment

Step 2:
Activating stay, electricity or water

Select in the app or in the mijn.aanuit omgeving on the website the location where you are at.

Always activate your stay first. Afterwards, you can activate the electricity and water points.
It works as follows:

Each moor or pitch area has a unique five-digit code. Check the location to see which code belongs to your moor or pitch area. Then click this five-digit code in the app or on the website. Your stay is then activated. Staying longer than one day? Your stay is automatically reactivated daily after 12:00 or 13:00.

After activating your stay click on the other services you want to use. Again, check the location to see which code belongs to your facility and then click on it to activate it.

Do you want to use water? Then make sure you stay by the water hose until you have switched it off again.

Do you want to use electricity? You can see that you have switched on the power when the blue LED ring lights up (if present).

If no more electricity and/or water consumption is registered after a period of time, the facilities turn off automatically. Check this to be sure when you leave the site.

Step 3:
Turn off power

In the app and on the website, you can view your ongoing transactions.

Do you want to stop the facilities? Then click on the stop symbol.

Note: you have to stop all the facilities you use separately.
Did you use electricity? Removing only the power cable does not end the power supply.

Step 4:

You will receive a monthly bill. Haven't used the app for a month? Then you won't get an invoice either. When you register your account, you can choose between the following two payment options:
  1. Direct debit: an amount will be automatically debited from your bank account each month. You will receive an e-mail containing the invoice.
  2. Manual payment: you will receive an e-mail each month informing you that the invoice is available in the app and in the portal on the website. You make the payment via iDeal, Sofort, Mr Cash or Credit Card (MasterCard or VISA).
Want to change your payment method? Log in with your details in the app and adjust the payment details in 'Settings'. More information about AanUit can be found at the frequently asked questions.

Step 1: Sign Up

De gebruiker meldt zich gratis aan op de website of via de Aan/Uit app. Hierna kan door heel Nederland en België gebruik worden gemaakt van onze diensten tegen de lokale tarieven.

Step 2: On

Upon arriving at the marina, the user can activate lodging, power, water or any other facility. The AanUit points are identified by our logo and provided with a five-digit number. This number can be used to activate the facility.

Step3: Off

Users turn off the facility themselves in the app. The bill is automatically mailed at the beginning of the next month and we make sure the payment reaches your account.

Install AanUit within 1 minute

Download the app and use your mobile to quickly and reliably activate and pay for power, water and a mooring. 

Scan the QR code and download the app and use your mobile to quickly and reliably activate and pay for power, water and a mooring. 

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AanUit Google Play store

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Still have a question or concern? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions about AanUit

Additional information

It may happen that after switching on, the facility is not activated. This can have several causes. Some of these you may be able to remedy yourself. If you notice a defect or malfunction, please contact our customer service at servicdesk@aanuit.net.

If you use the website or the smartphone app, you can check the status of an AanUit point; if the status is 'not available', that point is under maintenance and therefore not available. In that case, you should look for another AanUit point.

All AanUit points have an earth leakage switch. This earth leakage switch is usually located behind a transparent access panel in the column or cabinet. The earth leakage switch should be on red; this means that the voltage can be switched. If its colour is green or grey, the RCD is off and no power will be available. You can reset the RCD yourself by opening the access panel (often unscrewing 2 thumb screws) and flipping the switch. If the RCD is not available or is behind a lock, contact the manager.

Make sure you solve the earth leakage problem on the user side first, though!

If you want to use the available sanitary facilities, they may only be accessible with a PIN code. This is sent by us via SMS. Please note: it may happen that your mobile phone merges several SMS messages, so the pin codes are not visible at once. If you really can't find the pin codes, send a message via the app or contact our customer service.