Self-service for inland shipping & seaports

Are you a policy officer or manager of a (sea) port and want to meet the legal shore power regulation on time? With our Ease2pay Shore Power app, (inland) skippers can easily and quickly arrange their own water and power supplies in your port. This contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality.

What is Ease2pay Walstroom

European ports will be required to provide so-called AFIR vessels with shore power starting in 2030. AFIR stands for "Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation. These include cruise ships, passenger ships, container ships, and combined passenger and cargo ships from 5,000 GT and up.
As administrator, you always have insight into who is using the facilities and who has paid. We send invoices to users and make sure you receive the money. Our customer service is ready to answer any questions about the app, giving you more time to manage your location optimally.

Make the switch now from polluting diesel generators to electricity and make a positive impact on the eco system and our living environment.

The Benefits

Save time and money with automatic online administration.

No unnecessary emissions and noise due to use of electricity.

Quick and easy to use the app.

Bill individually on a per user basis.

Customer service is provided by the Ease2pay Walstroom team.

Voor meer informatie over walstroom, hebben wij de volgende whitepapers beschikbaar:

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Financieel voordeel – Stroom aan de kade: financiële Perspectieven met walstroom voor (zee)havens

Experience the convenience of Ease2pay Walstroom in your harbor

This is how Ease2pay Walstroom works for users

Step 1: Sign Up

The user signs up for free on the website or through the Ease2pay Walstroom app. After this, our services can be used throughout Europe at local rates.

Step 2: Activate

Upon arrival at the port, the user can activate power and water. Ease2pay Shore power points are identified by our logo and provided with a five-digit number. This number can be used to activate the facility.

Step3: Off

Users turn off the facility themselves in the app. The bill is automatically mailed at the beginning of the next month and we make sure the payment reaches your account.

This is how Ease2pay Walstroom works for administrators

Step 1: 
Sign up

If you want to join Ease2pay Walstroom, we will send you a appropriate contract and the login details for our portal. You purchase the power cabinets from our partner Seijsener. After this, you can immediately start using Ease2pay Walstroom.

Step 2: 
Extra options

Through the portal , you have the ability to send codes to users for various purposes, such as wifi, access gates and sanitation.

Step 3: 
Overview and insight

Get easy insight into visitor usage. This includes both historical and current usage.

Step 4: 

The administration is handled by Ease2pay Walstroom. At the end of each month, we send you the revenue generated through Ease2pay Walstroom.

Turning your services into a self-service solution?