On the GO

How it works

How does parking, fueling and travel work with On the GO?

Download the app

You can do this through Google Play or the Apple App Store. Below is the link or QR code to do so. 

Register in the app

Add your name, phone number and license plate number. Fill your wallet with a self-selected amount via iDEAL.

Start your parking or refueling transaction

In the app, choose your parking spot or gas station and GO!

Worry-free parking

On the GO works closely with cities and parking providers. After starting a parking session through the app, a notification is automatically sent to the enforcement system. That's how parking enforcement officers know you paid.

Find your parking spot

Select a parking spot on the map or search by zone number. Always check that the zone number of your parking spot matches the zone number on the map.

Set an end time

If you know until what time you are going to park then you set the end time of the parking session in advance, it then ends automatically at the set time. You can also choose to park without an end time. After ending your parking session, the end time will be adjusted automatically. So you will never pay too much.

Pay your parking session

Zone number checked? End time set? Click 'Pay' and the amount will be reserved in your wallet. After you finish your parking session, you charge the exact amount based on the actual duration.

Effortless refueling

Mobile fueling is the new fueling. With On the GO you can fill up quickly and effortlessly at more than 400 filling stations throughout the Netherlands. You can fill up with your mobile at Tango, AVIA, Esso, Tamoil, Total, Texaco and Sneltank, among others. New filling stations are added every day.

Choose your gas station

Click on the fuel icon at the bottom of the screen. Choose the appropriate gas station and press "Tanken!

Select pump number

Select the correct pump number and the desired amount. Press 'Pay' and the selected amount will be reserved in your wallet. 

Start refueling

Once the payment is completed, you can put your smartphone away and start refueling. After finishing your refueling session, the exact number of liters refueled will be charged automatically.

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Installeer On the GO binnen 1 minuut

Download de app en gebruik je mobiel om snel en eenvoudig een parkeeractie te starten of een pomp vrij te geven, te tanken en direct af te rekenen.
Scan the QR code and download the app. Use your mobile to quickly and easily start a parking action or unlock a pump, refuel and checkout instantly.
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