On the GO

The costs

The most inexpensive parking app for parking, fueling and travel

The most affordable parking app in the Netherlands

Choose our cheap rates and find out how to save even more. The basic rate for parking is €0.19 per transaction*. If you park regularly, you can also choose a low-cost subscription where you buy off the transaction fee for a fixed amount per period.

Our subscriptions
- For €0.49: No transaction fees for 7 consecutive days
– For €1,49: No transaction fees for 30 consecutive days
- For €14.99: No transaction fees for 365 consecutive days

*Bij een tankbeurt betaal je geen extra transactiekosten. Enkel de kosten van de brandstof.

More affordable and accessible

  • Discounts with mobile fueling
  • You only pay for the time used
  • Free push notification messaging

What else you will get

  • Start, stop and extend your parking session in the app
  • More than 400 affiliated gas stations
  • Coverage in more than 175 cities in the Netherlands
  • Park on the street, in parking garages and at airports
  • Personal web portal where you can view and download your monthly transaction statement
  • No deposit or pass required
  • Secure payment methods
  • Excellent customer support

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Download de app en gebruik je mobiel om snel en eenvoudig een parkeeractie te starten of een pomp vrij te geven, te tanken en direct af te rekenen.
Scan the QR code and download the app. Use your mobile to quickly and easily start a parking action or unlock a pump, refuel and checkout instantly.
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